Charmz - Kno Us

This is Charmz @hisroyalflynezz with 'Kno Us' - Rap / Hip Hop from Chicago / LA (USA).

Posted by Music Crowns on Monday, February 22, 2016


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Hailing from Chicago, Britt Wynn was formerly an executive assistant and writer for Master P & Lil' Romeo’s No Limit Records & Hollyhood Cinema Films writing a slew of popular straight to DVD releases and books. After learning how the independent music and film business operates by Master P himself, Britt got to work selling screenplays which led to writing a star filled TV pilot for Disney then him becoming a solo artist. He took on the stage name Charmz and evolved into a diverse artist developing his craft and showmanship. While never being locked into one style of writing, his style ranges from catchy dance tunes to a more darker/fierce writing arrangement. In any style, Charmz keeps you moving and realizes that all his dreams are reachable and what he sees is coming together like a puzzle, reaching his marks one step at a time. Charmz is a World Star Hip Hop Hype for his pop singles produced by Billboard award-winning 17X platinum producer Eddie Galan of Mach 1 Music & Riley J. In 2013 his single "Turnt Up" received national airplay and was featured on VEVO & In 2016 his singles were added to Pandora Radio's Music Genome Project. Check out IMDB for news on upcoming film projects. 

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